About the Course

At a time when competing on price is not possible, value creation is the only competitive edge for organizations and individuals. Instead of reacting to and resisting change, creating change is the only competitive edge. Some modules that are common to change management are left out in the current design. Relevant videos will also be shown to re-iterate the points as well as lessons learnt through the exercise.

Note: This design is preliminary and subject to customization after interaction with stakeholders

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Course Level

Preliminary/ Intermediate

Course Duration

2 Days

Course Mode


1. Who should attend?

  • Any member of any industry/sector

2. Course Benefits

  • Develop creativity
  • Learn how to be creative as an outcome of a process and not by God’s gift

3. Course Delivery Model

  • Conceptual lectures
  • Individual or group exercise
  • Videos (as applicable)
  • Role plays and games

4. Program Deliverable

  • Presentation Material

  • 16 PDUs

5. Course Content

  • ‘Are you creative?’


  • Myth about creativity:
    1. ‘Rockstar’
    2. Myth of the left brain and right brain and the reality of whole-brain


  • Story of the two students:
    1. Creating value
    2. You create what you are full of
    3. Emptying what is not helpful for creativity
    4. Rediscovering the natural creative you: discovering the pattern and creating a music


  • Altering the Ego State for creativity: rediscovering our inherent childhood creative intelligen1ce:
    1. Lesson from ‘Big’


  • Can fun and energy induce creativity? Lessons from:
    1. The underground


  • First things first:

  • What if? Possibility thinking:

  • Applying Steve Jobs’ principle definition of creativity


  • An exercise:
    1. Removing the biggest barrier between you and creativity
    2. Have you relaxed and silenced yourself enough to allow creativity?


  • Summing it up: the Process of creativity
    1. Divergence and Convergence
    2. FFA


  • Summary

    Applying the lessons, principles, processes to work scenarios to generate creative options and then evaluate the best of them for execution