About the Course

You cannot negotiate with people who say what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is negotiable.” John F Kennedy, “Let us never negotiate out of fear. But let us never fear to negotiate.” John F Kennedy, The Module focuses on how to negotiate and what to negotiate.


Note: This design is preliminary and subject to customization after interaction with stakeholders

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Course Level

Preliminary/ Intermediate

Course Duration

2 Days

Course Mode


1. Who should attend?

  • Practicing Managers of any industry sector.

2. Course Benefits

  • Learn how to negotiate effectively and efficiently

3. Course Delivery Model

  • Conceptual lectures
  • Individual or group exercise
  • Videos (as applicable)
  • Role plays

4. Program Deliverable

  • Presentation material

  • 16 PDUs

5. Course Content

Introduction to Negotiation

  • Self-assessment questionnaire on our current negotiation skills
  • Trailer of a well-known movie and debrief
  • What did the ancient Greek slaves know about negotiation?
  • Debrief of the self-assessment questionnaire
  • Is negotiation your best bet or are there alternatives?
  • When not to negotiate
  • The triad of negotiation
  • Why we negotiate?
  • The inter-dependency factor


My way, your way or Our Way?

  • The 3rd Alternative
  • Stages in negotiation and preparation for each stage: using the checklist and preparation form
  • How we define the objective of our negotiation o How all can we look at our goal
  • Determining aspiration and resistance price of both parties o Determining the BATNAs of both parties
  • Understanding the person behind the negotiator from the other side o How many options do we have before going into the negotiation
  • Thinking win-win from here
  • Gathering information: self and about others
  • Developing long term win-win options: the power of co-creation
  • Differentiating between cost, price and value
  • Understanding the real concerns and positions
  • Understanding tactics and when they are being used
  • Managing emotions
  • Need for creativity in negotiation
  • Conflicts in negotiation and Emotional intelligence
  • 5 approaches during a stalemate or conflict during negotiation


Skills required:

  • Probing
  • Listening
  • Empathy
  • Assertiveness



Put all the knowledge skills and principles into action on work related negotiation scenarios as well as developing the road map and preparation for potential/ upcoming negotiation scenarios at work