About the Course

This is one course that would delve into looking at the way we define what we perceive to be a problem, This will also re-orient the mind of the participants to move away from a problem to develop a mind-set towards looking for solutions and creating solutions. This will have an element of creativity to create solutions.


Note: This design is preliminary and subject to customization after interaction with stakeholders

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Course Level

Preliminary/ Intermediate

Course Duration

2 Days

Course Mode


1. Who should attend?

  • Any member of the organization.

2. Course Benefits

  • Learn how to solve problems at workplace and in day-to-day happenings

3. Course Delivery Model

  • Conceptual lectures
  • Individual or group exercise
  • Videos (as applicable)

4. Program Deliverable

  • Presentation material

  • 16 PDUs

5. Course Content


Module 1:

Definition of a Problem


Module 2:

Myths and obstacles regarding problem solving.


Module 3:

Steps in resolving a problem: Osborn-Parnes model


Module 4:

Mind-set and Skills required


Module 5:

Application to Work Scenario