Every organization has its own ways of managing projects and this system has evolved in the organization over a period .When the organization thinks of imbibing new/ best practices, it is very important to understand whether it would have the spontaneous buy-in of its people and how well they can adapt themselves and adopt the new.

Growth should be gradual and step by step. How much the organization will be able to implement first needs to be assessed and then only adoption becomes meaningful and profitable. There are many instances where organizations invested huge amount in bringing in new disciplines of project management without assessing how much they can take and what is right for them and this, in turn, resulted in failures.

Who requires it?
  • Organizations and institutions who want to institutionalize project management practices
  • Organizations and institutions who are keen on re-engineering Project management processes
  • Organizations and institutions who want to evolve
  • Be aware of strengths and gaps
  • Helps in better decision making and more wisdom in investments
  • Realistic understanding of capacities and skill sets
  • Be aware of change barriers
What you get
  • Process maps
  • Strengths and gaps
  • Improvement areas
  • Pain points
  • Learn about Change barriers
  • Know your People competency

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