About the Course

It is not easy working with people (especially from various cultural background), but it can get better. This module is designed with a pre-workshop 360 degree assessment by self and others dependent on us to measure the health of the team. There will also have input from customers – the only common boss we all have who has the power to fire every one of us by simply taking the business somewhere else.

Note: This design is preliminary and subject to customization after interaction with stakeholders

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Course Level


Course Duration

2 Days

Course Mode


1. Who should attend?

  • Team Leads and Practicing Managers of any industry /sector

2. Course Benefits

  • Learn how to use skill set to build and sustain team

3. Course Delivery Model

  • Conceptual lectures
  • Individual or group exercise
  • Videos (as applicable)
  • Role plays and games

4. Program Deliverable

  • Presentation Material

  • 16 PDUs

5. Course Content

  • Why teams: discovering the synergy and energy of teams
  • Channelizing the energy to create synergy in business
  • Values
  • The problem in forming teams: 4 stages of teaming: forming, storming, norming and performing
  • Coming to a compact
  • A team of teams? 
  • Handling changes 
  • Handling conflicts in teams
  • Communication in teams
  • What the customer wants teams to know
  • Are we equipped to be in a team?
  • Team building games
  • Agreeing to post-workshop activities to foster team spirit and encourage team behaviour
  • Closure: strokes and feedback